Grand Opening Comp Info

Melissa K

Athlete check-in is at 9:30 and it all gets going at 10. If you are interested in competing in the Olympic lifting division or the WOD, or both, you must pre-register (follow this link).  We would also love volunteers.  Please post to Comments below if you are willing to volunteer.

The standards for the Olympic lifts are very loose.  Each lift must start on the ground and end with the feet together, legs straight, and the bar locked out overhead and under control.  On the snatch, the bar cannot touch the shoulders (ie, a wide grip clean and press), and the lifter must endeavor to do the lift in one fluid motion.  Each competitor will have 20 minutes to find their heaviest lifts.  The 20 minutes can be broken up between the two lifts (snatch and c&j) any way the athlete chooses.

The WOD will consist of a classic CrossFit triplet of power cleans, pullups, and squats.  The rep scheme and clean weight will be announced at the event on Saturday.  The standards for the WOD are established CrossFit standards.  On the clean, the bar (plates) must touch the floor between reps and the legs must be straight with the elbows in front of the bar upon completion of the rep.  On the pullups, the chin must clear the horizontal plane of the bar and the arms must straighten at the bottom. On the squats, the top of the hip crease must break the horizontal plane of the knee, and the legs and hips must come to full extension at the top. Again, there are no surprises when it comes to the standards, and every CrossFitter should be intimately familiar with them.

The WOD will have two divisions–RX’d and scaled.  The WOD can be scaled in any fashion the competitor wishes, such as weight on the cleans, box or band on the pullups, depth on the squats, or whatever.  Only those doing the WOD as prescribed are eligible for prizes.

The purpose of the Olympic lifting competition is to lift heavy and have fun.  The purpose of the WOD competition is to work hard and have fun. These competitions are for everybody and anybody, no matter your experience or fitness level.  No one is getting rich or a sponsorship with Nike or a date with Jocelyn (she is married), and all the proceeds go to Santa Cruz youth sports in the name of CrossFit.  So sign up and have fun.

Please click here for more info, or post any questions to Comments.


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