Grip Strength

The UCSC Lacrosse team. It has been a pleasure having you train with us guys.

The grip is a highly under appreciated, underdeveloped, and overlooked area of physical training. We have more nerve endings in our hands than just about any other area of our body and a corresponding larger part of our brain is devoted to interpreting the stimuli from those nerve endings. In short, we interact with the physical world through our hands.

There are many different types of grip strength–pinching, crushing, supporting, wrist and forearm, and CrossFit to some extent will work them all. For most people this is fine, but others will need or want more specialized grip work. A weak grip means that one’s strength and power cannot be manifested into functional movement.

CF West has a bunch of specialized grip strength equipment, ranging from commercial manufactured tools to useful homemade ones.

Two inch thick fat bar/axle.

IronMind Titan's Telegraph Key

Trap bar.

Various grippers.

These tools, and others, can be used to rehab and strengthen injured wrists, hands, and fingers, as well for general strengthening and care. A strong grip leads to healthy hands. Let’s face it, as CrossFitters we abuse our hands on a regular basis. Give those guys some love.

If you are interested in using any of these, or any of the other grip and wrist specific equipment at CFWSC, please ask a trainer for a tutorial.


Back Squat

7×3 add 5#

(This is the last day of our current back squat program. Next week we will be lifting for 1 rep maxes.)


5 Rounds

200m Row

30 Second Overhead Lockout Hold (push press or jerk the weight overhead and then hold the lockout) 75% of 1RM

200m Row

60yd Farmers Walk (use 2 uneven weight dumbbells or kettlebells and switch hands at the 30yd mark)–go as heavy as you can