I was talking to one of the HQ honchos last weekend and somehow the comments section on the main dot com site came up.  I said that I used to read the comments when there were 50 or 70 daily, but now I don’t even look at the them anymore, being that there are up to 400 comments many days.

That got me thinking.  The kind of underground atmosphere that permeated CrossFit over much of the last decade is gone.  And, as much as I liked being part of something small and cool and kind of unknown, I like its growth even more.

There are a lot of reasons why I like CrossFit’s growth, but I am going to talk about a big one.  Accessibility for more people.  CrossFit has done a lot of people a lot of good.  It has changed a lot of lives.  And it is not like buried treasure where I get a smaller share the more people know about it.  The more people know about CrossFit, the larger it gets, the better it gets.  The better our methodologies get, the better our programming gets, the better our nutrition gets, the better our technique gets, the better our coaching gets, the better our training gets.  And the more all that happens, the more people we can help.  The more people whose lives are changed because of CrossFit, the larger it gets and the circle keeps on going.

I know what you are saying to yourself, who does this Sam guy think he is, no one is that altruistic and saintly. Don’t get me wrong, I am not being entirely unselfish here.  CrossFit’s growth has brought a lot for the individual CrossFitter.  Certifications by people like Louie Simmons.  Seminars by guys like Greg Amundson. Training opportunities at the Olympic Training Center. A ton of cool equipment way cheaper than it was just a few years ago. Would there be other fitness sites and organizations, like SealFit, without CrossFit?  Maybe, but probably not. Even getting out of the occasional ticket because the officer who pulled you over is a CrossFitter (ask Golden). You see, there is a lot, personally, to be had out of CrossFit’s growth.

But, it is helping others that I still like the best.


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