Gym Improvement Day

Team West clowns with the CFLG team at Saturday's CF San Jose throwdown and new box party. Thanks for hosting, CFSJ, and congrats on your new space. It looks great.

You might notice some improvements when you next step into CFWSC. Nothing major, just lots of little things. New paint, new bumpers, lots and lots of clean. A HUGE thank you to everyone who sacrificed their Sunday afternoon to do things like vacuum, scrub, and mop, organize dozens of kettlebells and med balls, wipe down every pullup bar, barbell, and ring in the gym, clean the rowers, and a lot more.

Thanks again folks. You are all rockstars.


Front Squat

7×3 as heavy as you can


On the minute for 12 minutes:

2 Power Cleans-go heavy

5 Plyo Pushups

30yd Sprint