Handstands and hot dogs

How about that really hateful relationship between the heels and that damn Tape!


4 down 1 more to go! Do you guys smell that? Kinda sour, with a hint of first rain? That’s burpees coming! I can almost guarantee it! We have a fun week of programming planned! Get your Olympic lifting shoes ready!

Check out this video below. David Garcia will be coming to CrossFit West next Wednesday! Come learn from the best. Sign up sheets will be available starting this week! Limited spots available!

Besides ungodly amounts of weights being lifted, what do we see? We see determination. We see resilience. David missed his second lift on his snatch, and his second lift on the clean and jerk, but came back to the platform and made both lifts! Yes being physically strong is great, but remember to also train the mental aspect continually. don’t let a movement or a challenging weight get to you, be determined and conquer it!