Happy Birthday Leah!

CrossFit Vienna! Nice meeting you, guys. Have fun on the rest of your trip.


Few people have changed their lives through CrossFit the way Leah has. Few people have worked as hard. Few people have made the progress that she has. Few people have made CrossFit as integral a part of their life.

Yeah, Leah’s a rockstar.

But, beyond all she has accomplished, what endears Leah to all of us so much is her kindness and generosity. Her humor and patience. Her sarcasm and ready ear. Her simple beauty of soul.

Happy Birthday Leah.


Back Squat

5×2 add 5#

Then (a Highbarger special):

1000m Row

2 Rounds

40 Situps

30 Ball Slams 40/20#

20 Pullups

10 Front Squats 155/105#