Happy Birthday Sam!

The Founder

That’s right, it’s the 40th birthday of your very own CrossFit West original Founder Mr Sam Radetsky!  We expect and encourage you to give him a hard time about it every chance you get.  Be sure to come by and join his classes tomorrow and wish him a happy birthday.  In all seriousness, we all have Sam to thank for founding our awesome gym 2 years ago.  And those of us who were there in the beginning were literally dragged over to the “CrossFit Corner” at Gold’s to give it a try and thus have amazing stories and life experiences to show for it.

Sam is a great person and coach with a numerous life experience that shape him.  In his life Sam has been a high school history teacher,  a collegiate and 3 time All American Water Polo Player, has a black belt in several martial arts as well as studied and competed in martial arts intensively in Japan,  he is a level 2 CrossFit Coach and holds both CrossFit Barbell as well as CF Football Certs; he is to co-owner of both CrossFit Los Gatos and CrossFit West Santa Cruz and is married to his beautiful wife Emily.

Not bad for an old geezer Sam!  We wish you a very happy birthday and many more happy years to come!




10 Rounds

5 KB Snatch R (2 Pood/1.5 Pood)

5 KB Snatch L (2 Pood/ 1.5 Pood)

10 Box Jumps (20)