Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everyone. I hope great fun (but not too much) was had by all. New Years is the time for resolutions. CrossFit resolutions.

Here are some of mine for 2009.

1. Clean and Jerk 275# and snatch my bodyweight (now 195#)

2. 15 bodyweight overhead squats

3. Cure the tendinitis in my knee

4. A 3 minute Fran (see number 3 above)

5. Really strengthen some of my weakest movements, such as handstand pushups, dips, running, and pistols.

6. Develop several new trainers, help them get Level 1 certified, and put them to work teaching classes.  Anyone interested?

7. Help as many of the current CFWSC trainers pass the Level 2 Cert as want to try.

8. Visit all the Bay Area CrossFit boxes and become more active in the local CrossFit community.

9. Train with and receive advanced instruction from an Olympic lifting coach.

10. Attend two specialty certifications.

What are your CrossFit resolutions? Please post at least 5 of them to Comments.

New Year’s day classes are 12:30 with Sam and 5:30 with Derek.  Come start the new year right.

And don’t forget Kyle’s birthday WOD Friday at 4PM.  All are welcome.


10 Rounds

1 Deadlift 90% 1RM

2 Box Jumps 45/35″

3 Handstand Pushups

Post weight and time to Comments.