Hard and Heavy


Jocelyn, her face says it all.

Congratulations to Ashley on her nearly double bodyweight deadlift of 223# today. That is a new CFWSC record. 2xBW is right around the corner. Guys, better get some weight on the bar. How many of you are only 17# from 2xBW?


5 Rounds

100m Row

30 Second Overhead Lockout Hold (push press or jerk the weight overhead and then hold the lockout) 85% of 1RM

100m Row

50m Farmers Walk (use 2 dumbbells 5 pounds apart and switch hands at the 25m mark) go as heavy as you can

This is a great WOD to do with a partner. While one person rows, the other does the lockout or the walk and then they switch. If you are doing it with a partner, the overhead lockout is held as long as it takes the partner to row the 100m.

For example: Jessica does the lockout for as long as it takes Emily to row 100m( Emily starts the row the moment Jessica gets the bar to full lockout). They then switch and Jessica rows while Emily does the lockout. Jessica then does the farmers walk while Emily rows 100m. They then switch and Jessica rows and Emily walks. Repeat the entire sequence for 5 rounds so that each partner rows 10 times.

Post weights and overall time to Comments. Include whether you did the WOD with a partner or solo.