Hard Work


The 5:30 savages. Looking good guys.

New CF West coach Jason H working his way up to 315#.

New CF West coach Jason H working his way up to 315#.

The NorCal champ

The NorCal champ; down and up with 215#.

I know that it makes me sound very curmudgeonly, but I just don’t think people are used to hard work.  Not that I am comparing current work ethics to those in the 1950s or anything (heck, I’m only 32), but it just doesn’t seem like I see a lot of really hard work these days.  One of my closest friends is a building contractor and he is always understaffed and complaining that he can’t get people to work a full day, even with the recession or depression or whatever your choice of words going on.

I can understand that a lot of people are not that excited about their jobs (obviously not everyone is a CrossFit coach), but I see the same attitude in the gym.  CF West used to rent space from a Golds Gym and the combined amount of truly hard work I saw there could have lightly toasted a slice of white bread. Some people even seemed to resent going to the gym, much less relish something hard and heavy.

CrossFit is another bag o’beans entirely.  The harder the better.  The heavier the better.  Beginners are always a little stunned at just how hard people work in a CrossFit box, and just how hard they can work.  But not for long.  I have seen it over and over again, but it always makes me happy when a new trainee insists on one more rep with heavier weight or better form.

As we like to say at CF West, the benefits of this kind of training are way more than muscle deep.  It feels really good to try your absolute hardest at something; to be able to say that you gave everything you had.  How many other things in your life can you say that about?  Nothing personal, but I am betting not a lot.

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Molly’s birthday workout at 4pm.  The WOD is her choice, so don’t blame me.


Front Squat

Work up to 3 rep max and then do that weight for 3 sets.


5 Rounds

5 Kettlebell Swings 73/53#

5 Pullups (C2B of course)

100m Row

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