Hassle Free BBC in Santa Cruz



Tomorrow will be the last day for you all to try out the Hassle Free BBC at CrossFit West FOR FREE. Come in tomorrow a 5:30pm and check it out. Look below for more information on the club.


A barbell club that will be focused on developing individuals into better weightlifters; improving their snatch and clean and jerk. Once athletes make the class commitment, individual programming will be developed for each athlete to reach their full potential.


Hassle Free BBC (a San Francisco based club that has developed national and world record breakers). This club is for all levels, all you need to have is a passion to better yourself with the olympic lifts (snatches, clean and jerks). Our club will be coached by knowledgable and skilled Hassle Free olympic lifters, with years of olympic lifting experience.



CrossFit West


Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday

at 5:30pm-7pm

How much:

The pricing structure will be different. Pricing will be every 8 weeks.

For Members of CrossFit West and CrossFit Ready: $100 for 8 weeks. (Less than $13 a week)

Non- Members: $220 for 8 weeks. (Less than $10 a class)

Drop in: $20


The club will be capped at 12 athletes. First come.

We hope to see you all Tomorrow night at 5:30pm! Sign up via Email @ [email protected] Results guaranteed.