Have you become an unhealthy healthy person?

Look at those happy ladies!

Here in the gym world, there is a lot of talk and effort put into healthy living.  That’s why we’re all here, right?  We push ourselves to be stronger, faster, more coordinated and agile, and we care a lot about how we fuel our bodies for all of this work.  We give time to those things we really care about. If you are putting in the time at the box, it is probably safe to say that you care about health.

But can you become an unhealthy healthy person?  Can you have too much focus on all of this good stuff?  Are you really making the wisest choices for you health if you push your body far past what it can handle, into injury and long-term pain? If paleo eating takes over your life and turns you into a super obsessive food freak who can’t enjoy food anymore or interact well with people who don’t eat just like you, are you healthy?

What if you just find yourself obsessing about whether you got just the right amount of cardio in today’s workout?  You know you’re tired, you know you’ve had a great workout, and then you guiltily go out and run a few miles, just to be sure.  Or you start panicking because all of your regular life demands have made you miss out on a heavy lift day again this week.  So now you have a new stressor in your already stressful life.

There are many things that go into making each and every one of us healthy, whole and happy human beings.  Being mindless about our health, whether it be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical surely isn’t the answer, but neither is becoming unhealthy obsessive or stressed about any one of the many vital, integrated areas of our health.

No one here is going to argue for the pursuit of mediocrity!  There is no way that I am arguing for not pushing yourself in many ways, as that is certainly where much of our growth comes from.  It’s all about the big picture, remembering the many and varied pieces that come together to make us whole.

The pursuit, even of the best things, ought to be calm and tranquil. -Marcus Tulius Cicero


A huge Happy 21st (yeah, uh oh) Birthday to Cody R!


500m Row Sprint- all out effort


4 Rounds
200m Medball Run 20/14#
15 T2B
20 Box Jumps 24/20″