Health In the News

Rich gets high on the bar for 60 textbook chest-to-bar pullups en route to the fastest rx'd time on the WOD.

Emmett, despite forgetting his gym bag, bangs out the WOD, including over a mile of running, with typical Emmett speed in steel-toe work boots and his paramedic utilities.

There have been a few health studies recently that have made the news.

The BMI (body mass index) is not the most reliable indicator of health, being based on weight and height (muscle weighs considerably more than fat), but this study shows how being overweight dramatically increases the risk of death from any cause.

Another study showed that there is a remarkable similarity to the way our brain to drug addiction and fatty food intake.  A study on rats showed that increased fatty food intake is accompanied by developments in their brains’ pleasure centers similar to drug addiction. These changes made the brain less responsive to fatty foods, necessitating more intake to receive the same amount of pleasure.

Many CrossFitters take Vitamin D supplements, some far more then normal dosages. This may not be beneficial and recent studies warn against it.  Here and here is a new report from the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine about Vitamin D supplementation.

If you have any thoughts on the above articles, studies, or subjects, or have any knowledge of Vitamin D supplementation, please post to Comments.

In completely other news, here is a great video of various athletic achievements ranging from the jaw dropping to the humorous.  Be sure to use the mute button as the music is god awful.


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