He’s Back

Big Matt working his way through Christine.

Yesterday saw the return of big Matt Schwartz. Matt was out for several months due to sickness and a string of consecutive injuries culminating in elbow surgery.

Matt first set foot in a CrossFit box years ago. He has trained with Coach Glassman, Amundson, and other top CrossFit coaches. In addition to CrossFit, Matt is an expert in kettlebell training, having received his RKC certification from Pavel Tsatsouline himself, at a time when such luminaries as Cotter, Mahler, Martone, and others where grouped under his banner. Matt knows more about strength and conditioning than most trainers, CrossFit or otherwise, and we feel that it is quite an honor that he has chosen CF West Santa Cruz as his CrossFit home.

As a neat aside, Matt somehow has in his possession the original 20kg bumper plates from the 1984 LA Olympics. Imagine the energy he is channeling when lifting those bits of history.

Welcome back Matt.


Clean Pulls

sets of 3 reps

Put a stick across the uprights of a squat rack and keep adding weight until you can’t touch the bar to the stick. Go heavy.


Work up to a 1RM deadlift.


Ring play.

Work on your muscle up, forward roll to support, backward roll to support, inverted hang, front and back levers, skin the cat, etc. Have fun.

Post loads and movements worked to Comments.