Hey Mr. DJ



Chris D diving and driving on the resisted sprint

Chris D diving and driving on the resisted sprint


By Jocelyn

3000 songs on my ipod and I’m sick of every single one of them.  I’m sure everyone else is too.  After all, I’ve outplayed all 10 of my “box play lists.”  And the “shuffle songs” setting?  Well, that can be kind of scary.  Although, not as scary as putting Golden in charge of DJ-ing where you end up with a steady dose of Danzig and/or Prodigy’s single Smack My Bitch Up playing on an endless loop. 

Option B: Sam’s Nano.  (Insert joke about hearing Led Zeplin, ACDC, or Metallica for the fifty millionth time).

Option C: Pandora.com.  This one has actually been pretty entertaining; particularly when Emmett takes over DJ-ing with his R Kelly station creation.  Humorous?  Yes.  But R Kelly still lacks that umph needed to get the people going. 

Call it a topic for the excuse board but music is an important factor when it comes to my motivation during the workouts.  If I don’t have some good loud music blasting in my ears then I just don’t get the mojo going; the kind that gets you pumped up and ready to rock and roll. 

Hence it’s time for a new “box play list” guys.   I’d like everyone to post to comments an artist and song title they would like to hear during their next metcon and I’ll put together some new tunes for us.  Let’s shoot for at least 20 songs.  Can’t wait to see what you come up with!




What: CF West’s Holiday party!
Where: Motiv downtown (the old Pearl Alley Bistro)
When: Saturday, December 12th at 7PM
Drink of the night: Nor Cal Margarita’s
Attire: Dressy

We have reserved the upstairs bar at Motiv downtown for our 2009 Holiday Party!  ‘Tis the season and the night to come out and get your party on CF style.  That means that we have ordered a bunch of Paleo appetizers, and the drink of the night (Nor Cal Margaritas, a Paleo mixed drink)) will be discounted all evening long.  Other drinks, appetizers, and food may be purchased as well.  It’s sure to be lot’s of fun, so we hope to see everyone there.

Holiday Gift Certificates

These specials are available to all current members to purchase as gifts for friends and family.

*Elements Program (4 classes)=$50 (usually $100)

*Elements Program plus 1 month membership=$99 (usually $225)

Give the gift of CrossFit.