How Bad Do You Want It?


TOP ROW & BOTTOM LEFT:  Bilal C. implements two different methods in his pursuit of Muscle-Ups; from the floor and band assisted.
BOTTOM RIGHT:  The 88 pound Kettle-Bell was recently dropped from high overhead right onto the turf. It was most definitely an accident, but it left a huge “wound” on the turf. All the times you’ve heard me say in multiple classes, “No Kettle-Bell’s by the turf!”, this is exactly the reason why I say it. Please, absolutely DO NOT do Kettle Bell Swings near the turf. I included the lower pic because you can see the marks left by the Kettle Bell on the rubber, seemingly a “safe distance” away from the turf. It is not. When you do your Kettle Bell Swings, 1-Armed Dumb Bell Snatches, Barbell Clean-&-Jerks, whatever, anything that goes overhead, do NOT do it near the turf. And on that note, NO Kettle Bell Swings near the wooden platforms either. Thank you. 🙂

In a recent post, Sam wrote about the significance of milestones in CrossFit.  Within that post he mentioned how both Tony C. and Naomi K. recently got their first Muscle-Up, a significant milestone in one’s athletic development.  Just as Sam, I too remember very clearly my first Muscle-Up.  I was stoked to get my first one in Glassman’s presence, (and in Garth T’s presence since he contributed a certain “motivational comment” on the whiteboard for all to see, haha).

I’ve written before about the importance of a little extra “concerted effort” in developing whatever it is you are wanting to accomplish, like spending just 5 minutes at the end of every class to refine your kipping mechanics on Pull-Ups just as Jessica S. did, or 5 minutes a day working on Double-Unders as both Kaitie K. and Aimee S.  (Jessica now does full WOD’s “RX’ing” all the Pull-Ups and Kaitie and Aimee both now completely RX Double-Unders, no matter the volume.)

The Muscle-Ups for Tony and Naomi didn’t just all of a sudden “happen”.  They got their Muscle-Ups through weeks and months of consistent practice a little bit every day.  They were absolutely determined to get it.  Deep Ring-Dips, negatives and band-assisted progressions are just a few elements they used to help get their first Muscle-Up.  All those times you saw Tony working his Ring-Dips or Naomi strapped into that bizarre looking contraption hanging from the far rings like a human piñata, they had a very clear objective, …to get their first Muscle-Up.

It doesn’t matter the skill you are trying to develop, with a little extra work each day, you will achieve it.  It just depends on how bad you want it.

Like Naomi K. and Tony C., Bilal C is going to have a Muscle-Up.  And so will you.