The Olympic Weightlifting Seminar hosted by CrossFit West Santa Cruz on December 10th will be taught by a team of nationally ranked lifters, including 2011 National Champion Pat Mendes. Two of the lifters, Ian Droze and Billy Bybee, have been running highly acclaimed weightlifting seminars in the CrossFit community for the past year.

Ian won 3 bronze medals at the US National Championships in August with barely a year of focused Olympic weightlifting training. A phenom of a lifter, the video below features Ian doing an easy looking recent 374 pound front squat at a bodyweight of 154. That’s a nearly 2.5 times bodyweight front squat.

The seminar is a unique and probably one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn from Ian, Billy, and Pat. Don’t miss it. Information and registration can be found here.


Hang Squat Clean

Find your 1RM for the day



Clean and Jerk bw

Muscle Up

Rest 1 minute


Snatch 1/2 bw

Chest-2-Bar Pullup