“I’ll just say fare thee well”

Good luck and so long, Sparky. We'll miss ya.

The end of August is always a time of bittersweet sorrow around the gym. Faces that you have gotten used to seeing around the gym are no longer there.  As the summer officially ends and the school years starts up, students begin their migration around the country. You know you will see some of them, the local ones, come Thanksgiving or Christmas or next summer at least, but there are others that are bidding Santa Cruz, and all of us, a real goodbye. They are on to the next step in their lives, and you can’t help but be stoked for them, but you can’t help but miss them too. I really wish the gym had a whole dormitory attached to it so these guys could stay in town and continue to train with us. Of course, new faces also appear as new students make their way here to Santa Cruz, but that doesn’t make you miss the old faces any less.

Good luck guys, stay in touch, drop a line, know that you always have a place at CrossFit West Santa Cruz.


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