Independence Day

The 6am crew. Welcome Ian, thanks for coming.

The 6am crew. Welcome Ian, thanks for coming.

Julie and Mowgli take a well deserved post-WOD rest.

Julie and Mowgli take a well deserved post-WOD rest.

9am rocked.  Great work guys.

9am rocked. Great work guys.

The mighty McVeigh.

The mighty McVeigh.

High noon.

High noon.

From everyone at CF West, happy 4th of July.

Please allow me a moment of personal digression.

I did not realize what it means to be an American until I was 23.  Most Americans, whether they question our government or exalt it, do not truly grasp the pull that America has for the rest of the world.  I certainly did not.

When I was 23 I was deported from Japan for grossly overstaying my visa (really).  I had voluntarily turned myself in and I was sent to a special police immigration center where I stated my case, signed a paper wherein I gave up all rights (not an easy thing to do), and was given a window of one week in which to leave the country, not to return for at least two years.  I was the only person from what is commonly called the first world in the entire center.  There were Koreans, Iranians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Thais, Peruvians, Filipinos, and other nationalities, but I saw no one from North America or Western Europe in the time I was there.  I stood out like the classic proverbial sore thumb–tall, American, with too much blond hair (this being the grunge era, no laughing).

In order to get my paperwork finalized, I had to get my passport photocopied at a small kiosk where I was waiting in line with about 100 other people.  Two men were working the line selling discount airline tickets–a smart inspiration on their part as everyone in that line had to leave Japan within one week and there are only two ways off an island.  I asked how much to LA and one of them asked if I was American.  I held up and kind of waved my US passport in reply and suddenly all conversation around me, up and down the line, ceased.  As the hush spread, at least 100 eyes stared, just fixated, on the small blue passport.  And, at that moment, I knew that every person in that line would give up almost everything they had just to be the owner of that passport.  A tingle went through me and I froze for a second, hand and passport upraised like I was hailing a taxi, and then I sort of shivered and lowered my hand, tucking my passport back out of sight.

It was an powerful lesson in the meaning of my, our, birthright and I distinctly remember that moment. 

Happy Fourth, my friends.

CF West will hold class as usual on Saturday, at 8 and 10am.  The Firecracker 10k run is at Harvey West this year and a lot of streets in the Harvey West area, including Coral St., will be closed from 7:30 to 10:30.  I think the best bet is to park in the Costco lot and walk over. Good luck to any CrossFitters (and everyone) entered in the Firecracker.


400m Run

30 GHD Situps

30 Box Jumps 24″

200m Run

20 GHD Situps

20 Box Jumps 28″

100m Sprint

10 GHD Situps

10 Box Jumps 32″

Post WOD completed and score to Comments.