Friday's first and last classes. It was a good day.

Are you injured?  Then get to the box and train.

Every CrossFit box has injured members.  CF West does.  Liz with a broken and dislocated kneecap from work, Kirsten with her messed up knee from beach volleyball, Matt with his back from chainsawing, for example.  Yet, the key is that each of these people still come like clockwork to the box and train.  Sure, they are doing different movements part of the time, and their WODS are modified, but they are still training.

Sometimes people disappear from the box and then start coming to class again.  Their explanation is that they hurt their shoulder, or their knee, or their wrist.  It never occurred to them that they could, should actually, work around the injury.  Can’t squat or deadlift?  Time to work your bench, your strict press, your muscle ups.  Can’t clean or jerk?  Time to hit the back squat, glute ham raises, GHD situps, not to mention running and jumping.  There are very few injuries that require total inactivity.

Training around an injury serves many purposes.  It will quicken the healing process.  It is a great time to work on weaknesses or simply other movements.  It will help you stay on keel emotionally as you deal with a frustrating injury.  If your weight is a factor, then training will help keep it under control.  The gains you make while injured, Kirsten’s recent dip or Liz’s press ablilites for example, will serve you well when you are back doing all the movements.

Another important aspect to healing is your nutrition.  People often injure themselves, stop coming to class, and take a prolonged break from whatever nutritional plan they are on, Paleo for instance.  This will retard your healing process.  CrossFit diets are designed around reducing inflammation in the body.

Injured?  Get to the box and hit it hard.  It will feel so good.

Got a story about training injured?  Please post to Comments.



2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2


You choice of 2 very different WODS.

Choice 1)


30 Snatches 135/85#

Choice 2)

40, 30, 20, 10

Deadlift 155/100#

Push Press 85/55#


Post WOD of choice and score to Comments.