Golden, clapping pullup.

Golden, clapping pullup.

With the exceptions of taxes and death, nothing is worse for a CrossFitter than injuries.  An injury can hinder one’s training and derail one’s progress.

But only if you allow it.

Granted, there are some injuries that one simply needs to rest, such as SI joint injuries, abdominal muscle pulls, rib cartilage separations, and other  injuries to the midline area.  But most injuries can be carefully segmented in training.  A good trainer should know how to program a workout that takes into account nearly any injury.

However, I feel that the real key to maintaining one’s training progress is not necessarily a physical one.  Forward momentum mentally is just as important.  An injury might keep you from training as hard and heavy as you would like, but it can’t stop your mental progress. 

Too many people view an injury as a complete break from training.  Nonsense.  The more you keep your mind in your training, regardless of what you can physically do, the easier time you will have upon your return.  Too often people just disappear from the gym when they are injured.  They let their diet lapse.  They relax their training guard, so to speak.  

That is the worst thing you can do.  Go to your box even if injured.  Watch class regularly.  Watch how the more advanced people move.  How does their technique differ from yours?  Watch how the less advanced people move.  What mistakes are they making?  Try to see what the coach sees.

Think about movements and WODs.  Ponder different modes of programming. Rehearse lifts and movements in your mind.  Keep your diet tight and adjust for less activity accordingly.  And watch class.

You will be amazed at how much faster you can get back in shape after an injury if you didn’t allow your mind to wander far from CrossFit.  

How do you keep your training on track even while injured? Please post to Comments.


Overhead Squat-find your 1RM and try to bump it a little higher.


21, 15, 9

Overhead Squat 95/65#


GHD Situp

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