Inspiration and Imagination

After all these years, Gonna Fly Now is still ridiculously inspiring.

Where do you find inspiration at the beginning of a workout? Is it loud raging music (my high school water polo teammates used to listen to reggae before a game and, looking back, it seems we were never really fast and hard out of the gate)? Is it competition with the person next to you? An inspirational story? How about movies? Or, are you the type of person that doesn’t really need outside inspiration as your own drive is enough?

When I train now, Amundson is huge inspiration to me. What Would Greg Do is a regular refrain that runs through my mind. Such discipline and focus is very inspiring to behold. It’s presence pulls you along with it.

When I was an aspiring fighter in Tokyo many years ago, movies were a huge inspiration to me. I trained many hours picturing myself as the hero of various samurai and martial arts movies (MIFUNE, KenChiba), and sports movies. Also very inspirational were people I aspired to be like.

It all comes down to imagination. Inspiration depends on your imagination. The more powerful your imagination, the stronger your inspiration.

What is your inspiration? Please post to Comments.


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