PR! Andy goes big on the box jump.

PR! Andy goes big on the box jump.


CrossFit likes videos (click here for the main site’s video page) and there are a lot of inspiring videos out there on the internet.  I really like seeing what other CrossFitters are doing.  How is their programming?  What is their training like? What is their technique is like?  How are other CrossFit boxes set up? A good video fires me up to train hard.  It might give me the edge that I need for the day’s WOD.

What are your favorite CrossFit videos?  Which one’s inspire you to go heavier, harder, faster?

Here are four of my favorite.  I have might posted them before, but they are all worth watching again.

Greg Amundson–Heavy Fran Not only is this a great video of Amundson killing it on a genuinely hard WOD, but it is also Greg’s favorite video out of the many that he stars in.

San Francisco CrossFit Plays with Overhead Strength This video is just incredible.  Boz and Kstar are two of the top CrossFit coaches and they are great athletes as well.  You will rarely find someone who can move as well as Adrian.
Another Heavy Fran starring Charity from CF Snohomish.

And my all time favorite, Nicole Carroll and the quest for 15 BW OH Squats filmed outside at the old HQ.

And don’t forget that this Friday is CF West’s resident big man Matt Schwartz’s birthday.  Join us for the group workout in his honor at 4PM. Think kettlebell.


15, 12, 9, 6, 3

Deadlift bw

Handstand Pushup

Box Jump 24″

Post WOD completed and score to Comments.

I just saw this video and it is incredible.  A 350# OH squat at 215# bodyweight.  Wow.