Now that is packed full of truth.
Photo borrowed from our campadres at One World.

If you have been doing CrossFit for any length of time, then you have heard the word intensity. Intensity is CrossFit’s Holy Grail, our manifesto. It’s a simple equation. You work hard, I mean really hard, then you will get results. Your numbers will go up, your times will go down, and your clothes will fit differently (or not at all). But, there is a caveat to all this, and it’s a big one that people don’t like. And that is the hard work part.

You have to really push yourself. You need to constantly be upping the intensity. Most people go to the gym and they never push themselves. They will never experience the slightest bit of intensity, because they don’t work hard. Really hard. CrossFit hard.

Again, it is a simple equation. Go to the gym, regularly. Warm up. Do some skill work, maybe chase a couple 1 rep maxes, always refine your form, and then do the WOD. Do it hard. Really hard. Just kill it. Push all thoughts from your mind except the movement you are doing right now. Your heart should be playing Pong with your rib cage. Battery acid should be pumping through your veins. Your lungs should be bellows desperate to feed air to the fire that is your muscles. Sweat should be niagaraing off your body. That’s what I mean by hard.

And then get the hell out of the gym. Drink water, eat right, watch a video of Amundson charging a WOD, sleep 8 hours, and then get back in the gym and do it all over again the next day, and the next. That is how you get results. That is how you get the performance you want, the body you want, the fitness we all deserve.

See you in the gym.


Row 500m for time. Try to make it a PR. Guys-shoot for sub 1:30; gals-shoot for sub 1:50.


Work your way up to a 3 rep max in the deadlift.


Work your way up to a 1 rep max in the power clean. Do the weight several times with plenty of rest.


Skill work. Whatever you want. My favorite is playing around on the rings-levers, muscle ups, inversions, rolls, etc. Have fun.

Post 500m time, loads, and skill work to Comments.