Steve and Summer

Steve and Summer

Where is your focus during class?  Where is your intent?

The best performers in CrossFit (or any activity) are those who mentally invest themselves in CrossFit.  You can physically see that investiture come over them when it comes time to train.  It is a look in their eyes, a certain aspect of their posture, an enlarging of their aura, their being.  The air seems charged, almost crackling, such is their energy.  They seem to grow right before your very eyes.  Their intent is manifest.

A dog is the perfect example of intent.  They are absolute masters of it.  One moment a dog is just a plain dog, maybe sitting, not really paying attention to anything.  Suddenly something seriously captures its attention and that dog is like a different animal.  It is focused, poised, its intent is palpable.  And, if that intent is focused on you, it is scary.  Atavistically scary.  But then, that dog can go back to being the same ol goofy dog as before.  The dog can turn its intent on and off as the situation demands.

That is how you should train.

What do you think?  How serious are you about your training?  How do you balance that seriousness with having fun in class?


10 Rounds

1 Deadlift 85% 1RM

2 Box Jump 45/37″

3 Handstand Pushups

4 Kettlebell Swings 73/53#

Please post WOD and score to Comments.