Tan Ha takes on the 88 lb. Kettle-Bell (aka; “Big Red”) while doing some Interval work with the rest of 6:00 am class, (“Team-6!”). Everyone in class that day tackled a heavier Kettle-Bell than they would normally use in a WOD.

Interval work is a great way to increase one’s localized muscular endurance and improve work capacity on nearly all movements.  It is a great time to explore heavier weights than you might normally use, such as a heavier Kettle-Bell, or to work on things like trying to be more explosive out of the hole on a Front-Squat or Thruster.  It is also a great method to work on improving one’s weaknesses or “goats”.  …There is no bad interval.


So it’s official, the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Regionals has officially begun!  This weekend kicks off “week-1”, the first of 5 weeks of Regionals action, with the South East, South Central, and Canada West Regions.  As you may recall, last years Reebok CrossFit Games were aired Live on ESPN-3, (ESPN’s Internet Channel), so even if you couldn’t attend the Games personally, you could still watch the action live, as well as go through the archives and watch the events you may have missed or that were happening in another arena while you were cheering for your favorite CrossFit’er.  Well, this year, the Central East Regional (happening in week-3) will also be aired Live on ESPN-3!!  The Central East Region is fiercely competitive and showcases athletes such as 2011 Men’s Division Champion, Rich Froning Jr., 2010 Men’s Division Champion, Graham Holmberg, 2010 Open Winner, Dan Bailey, crowd favorites, Julie Foucher (5’th overall in 2011), and Lindsey Smith, (5th at the 2009 CrossFit Games, 12th at the 2010 CrossFit Games and 18th at the Games in 2011), and many others.  Needless to say, this will be an awesome Regional to get to watch Live!  Information about the Live coverage of the Central East Regional of week-3 can be found Here.  (Stay updated on all 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games related info Here.)



Power-Clean/Squat-Clean 1-RM  (Do a PC and then immediately do a SC)


Tabata Couplet (8 rounds of each, alternating)

Ball Slam (40/25)