Kyle, interval sprints.

Not many people use the word ‘interval’ when talking about working out.  This has always been a mystery to me.  My two athletic backgrounds, water polo and fighting, trained almost exclusively with intervals.  Intervals are commonplace in the training of elite level athletes such as Phelps and Bolt.  Often in CrossFit, we focus so much on finishing the WOD as fast as we can and ending up flat on our backs that we ignore interval training.  This is a mistake.

A very easy way to integrate interval training into your own workout is to simply take existing WODs and do them in intervals.  For example, do Cindy by breaking it into 10 intervals of 2 rounds on 2 minutes.  When that becomes easy, or if you already have a 20+ Cindy, do 3 rounds on 2 1/2 minutes for 8 intervals.  And so on.

Interval training works for the world’s best, see what it can do for you.


5 Rounds

4 Front Squat

3 Clean and Jerk

10 Kettlebell Swings

200m Sprint

10 Pullups

Time each round individually and rest 1 minute between each round.

Go heavy on the squats and clean and jerks.  Use a kettlebell heavier than your Helen weight (53/35#)

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