Iphone App “WOD”


Tonights post is by our very own Casey Marshall.  Casey is a computer programmer who after discovering CrossFit West Santa Cruz recognized the need for a more technologically advanced way to document our efforts.  Check out this fantastic new application:

Starting out with CrossFit, one of the things that immediately appealed to me was the scientific mindset of many of those behind it, Glassman in particular. It’s not a science per se, but it at least pays attention to evidence and makes adjustments to the program based on results. New ideas are incorporated when they seem to work, old ideas that seem to not work so well are discarded or modified. In that way, CrossFit is technology.

The other thing that appealed to me immediately was the OCD-level tracking of things: log your time and weights and rounds for each WOD, write down your personal records each time you hit a new one. Obsessively gather data, and reflect on how you’ve progressed in summary numbers. Measure yourself.

I don’t really do paper-and-pencil any more, and most of the stuff I deal with in my life is on my iPhone. There are handy notes applications, but those only capture things in an ad-hoc way. There are some applications tailored for logging CrossFit workouts, but frankly I thought they looked amateurish, unrefined. There was an itch needing scratching.

So I wrote an application for logging WODs and PRs for the iPhone. It’s imaginatively called “WOD.” I have a boring website for it at http://wodapp.com/, or you can just grab it from the iTunes Store by going to http://wodapp.com/buy (this link should redirect you into iTunes, if you have iTunes on your computer).

I’m pleased with it, as a first version. It’s accomplishing step one of the whole equation — logging things in detail, and doing so with a simple interface that’s not trying to cram too much down your throat. If you use it, you’ll be capturing all this data on yourself, in a form that’s organized, searchable, queryable.


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