Isolating Ice

Isolated Ice; ...It makes you cool. (...And I'm sure its like, totally Paleo or something.)

Thought I’d share my “tip of the day” for all those athletes competing this coming weekend in the NorCal Regionals, as well as for all those who support them; …coaches, affiliate members, friends and family alike.

When packing your ice chests, I suggest partitioning all of your ice into Double-Zipper Ziplock plastic baggies.  I’ve done this for our athletes at every competition we’ve been to that I’ve coached, and there’s many benefits to doing so.  The main reason I do it is so I have readily available ice-packs for my athletes should they need one.  Even if not “injured”, it makes it very easy and convenient to ice down a “hot spot” after a WOD such as a low-back after Dead-Lifts or a slightly inflamed elbow tendon before doing Muscle-Ups.  I don’t have to run around frantically at the event like a puppet from Fraggle Rock asking everyone for an ice-pack, (common, I know you can totally picture the puppet with the crazy frizzy hair flopping all over the place right now, running around flailing his arms like he’s giving “the signal” from Team America, haha), or stand in the 35 minute long line at the Warm Paleo Kitten Meat Pocket stand or “Steak on a Stake” to ask for a large cup of ice.

As you’ve all learned by now, icing immediately after an injury, (should one occur), significantly increases your likelihood of being able to compete in the next event, advance in the rankings and chase Gold, regardless of what sport.

…I personally watched (and heard) my friend and client snap Jake Shields elbow in a BRUTAL Arm-Bar at the 2005 Abu-Dhabi Combat Club tournament, …yet Shields, being a savagely fierce and extremely tough competitor, (and highly skilled in his craft), managed to pull off the win.  After the match it seemed inescapable that Shields would be forced to withdraw from the event due to the intense pain and swelling in his elbow, (you could see his swollen elbow from across the venue, it was so bad), yet he (being tough as hell) insisted on icing the heck out of it and continuing on in the event.  He proceeded to win his next match against Ultimate Fighter, Season-1 winner, Diego Sanchez, and ultimately finished 3rd overall, defeating Cameron Earle (Ralph Gracie Black Belt) and Brazilian World Champion (Black Belt), Leo Santos, along the way.

…While 3rd might not sound impressive to some, …a 3rd place finish in the NorCal Regionals earns you a place in the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games and an opportunity to compete against the worlds absolute best.  …A chance at winning the World Championship….

Aside from being able to provide your athletes with an ice-pack should they need one, there are several side-benefits to quarantining your ice into several Ziplock baggies.  To name a few:

1), Everything you place in your cooler doesn’t get sopping wet and your egg carton doesn’t disintegrate into that thick, grey, paper mache paste that gets all over everything and seeps into your stash of macadamia nuts.

2), It makes it very easy to move stuff around.

3), Your ice doesn’t get all filthy so if you want to throw some in your “super Paleo conscious Klean Kanteen water bottle”, your ultra hip (hippie) “Kombucha”, your classic CrossFit West Post-WOD “Jack-&-Coke”, or down your teammates shirt, you’re good to go.

4), …Well, …I had so much fun writing side-benefit #3 that I can’t remember #4.

5), It will be easier to keep everything in your cooler neat and tidy, so for all of us with “just a healthy touch of OCD”, we can spend more time effectively coaching our athletes and less time re-rearranging the Tetris configuration of our ice-chest. (Yes, the double “re” was intentional, haha.)

6), You can easily save the day of a fellow CrossFit athlete or coach from another affiliate who desperately needs an ice pack.  (Seriously, you can really help someone out this way, should they need one. …You know we’ve all been there, desperately needing an ice-pack.)

7), You can probably make some kind of cheesy “break the ice” joke out of it, …though, I haven’t figured out quite how just yet.  (Oh wait, …does this count?)

8), Everyone will tell you what a great idea you have and think you’re totally awesome.  (Like I said; “Isolated Ice, …It makes you cool.” Haha)

Ultimately, placing your ice in Ziplock baggies can simply provide you and your camp with, perhaps, just a bit smoother operation during what can be an incredibly intense three days of competition at Regionals.  …The less stress for you and your athletes, the better.

NOTE:  Don’t forget, you can watch the Central East Regionals LIVE all weekend long Right Here.  Showcasing athletes such as 2011 CrossFit Games Champion, Rich Froning Jr, 2011 Open winner, Dan Bailey, 2010 CrossFit Games Champion, Graham Holmberg, and crowd favorites, Julie Foucher (5’th overall in 2011), and Lindsey Smith, (5th at the 2009 CrossFit Games, 12th at the 2010 CrossFit Games and 18th at the Games in 2011), the Central East Regional has kicked off with an INCREDIBLE day-1!!!  Already, athletes in the Central East have set some new World Records in the first two events.  Dan Bailey set the new World Record on WOD-1, (“Diane”) with a blistering time of 1:35, literally sprinting between stations.  World Champion, Rich Froning Jr, gave an awesome performance, setting the new World Record for WOD-2 with an impressive 11:28.  In the Team event, SPC CrossFit set the new World Record on Wod-1 with a 4:28, as well as the new World Record on WOD-2 with a time of 16:58, …which stood until scores were established for the SoCal Regionals where Team CDR Redlands had edged SPC CrossFit out of the World Record by ONE SECOND!!  If you “don’t wanna be that guy” at the water cooler come Monday morning who doesn’t know what everyone is talking about, step your game up and tune in to watch the Live feed!!


O.T.M. (On The Minute) for 12 Minutes;

2 Squat-Cleans at 65% of your 1-RM


Row 500 Meters For Time


3 Heavy Dog-Sled or Prowler Pushes, 30 Yards each.  (Weight should be heavy enough that you can move at a decent walking speed, but can not sprint.)