It Begins


Once more into the breach–my 3rd year coaching athletes at the Games. It just gets more exciting (and stressful).


The Masters gather.

The Masters' village--warm up, medical, lounge, food, massage, and on deck.

The Masters’ village–warm up, medical, lounge, food, massage, and on deck.


The Masters briefing and venue.

I have been to every CrossFit Games since the first one in 2007 at the Ranch in Aromas. Having seen the near exponential growth of the Games, you would think that I would not be surprised by each successive year’s Games. But I am. Stunned is more like it. I walked into the Stubhub Center (the former Home Depot Center) for the Masters’s briefing today amid the setup for the rest of the venue and I was blown away. Where last year there were entire parking lots, this year there are massive tents and villages and concourses. Just blows me away.

The Masters kick off at 8am tomorrow morning, live streaming on