It’s a Rough Life

Cliff on his rings in Barbados.

Cliff on his rings in Barbados.

One of the staples in a CrossFit gym are gymnastics rings. Above and beyond the vaunted muscle up, rings offer a plethora of great exercises and many progressions. Unlike most of the movements in CrossFit, many of the movements performed on rings are simply too difficult for most of us to perform, and there is a true lack of scaling possibilities. With rings, there is no equivalent to the pvc pipe or stick. However, there are a host of progressions that capture the spirit of the movement and are great exercises in their own right. Bands are also a good way to  progress on the rings.

One of the great advantages of rings are their genuine portability. Rings can be taken just about anywhere, as CF West Santa Cruz athlete Cliff demonstrates above.

So have fun, get some ring time.

There is a new video up on the Kick Ass Videos of Kick Ass Achievements page of Derek, 365# deadlift for 15 reps.



10 Clean & Jerks 135/85#

5 Rounds of Cindy (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats)

10 Clean & Jerks

5 Rounds of Cindy

10 Clean & Jerks

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