It’s Magic

"The boys are back in town." One of the best things about "The Holidays" for me as a coach is when a lot of our College Athletes come back for break. These four beasts, Beau F, Chris C, Spencer F and Sean W are just a few of the outstanding CFWSC college athletes that are back in town for the holidays. It's especially fun when all four of them are in the same class.

"For when a lacrosse ball just isn't quite enough." A lot of athletes are making great use of the Big Blue Bowling Ball I brought in for "foam rolling". It works especially well on the hamstrings, an area that's not so easily worked with a typical foam roller. It is even more effective with a partner applying a bit of assisted pressure. I tend to use it a lot for the glutes, piriformis and quads, though it's also great for the calves, with or without partner assistance.

Magical DIYDS "Blood-Be-Gone" Wipes!!--Now available at CrossFit West!!! Apparently, many people aren't yet aware of the fact that we now have a giant dispenser of hospital-grade medical wipes for, that's right, you guessed it, wiping down your blood-laden bar after KILLING that WOD!! Gone are the days of wondering what to do about the blood you've just coated the bar with! Conveniently located in the center of the gym, you can now simply pull out a Magical DIYDS "Blood-Be-Gone" hospital-grade medical wipe and clean off all that blood. It's quick! It's easy! And all the cool kids are doing it! Now you no longer have to carry that horrible burden of leaving the gym riddled with guilt over knowing you bled on a bar that others will soon be using and didn't clean it off before putting it back. ...Just one more way that CrossFit West is helping to serve you! (And everyone else in the gym who uses the bar after you.) 😉

…BREAKING NEWS…, Sam just informed me that, unfortunately, our CFWSC Stereo Receiver has officially “died”.  It, sadly, no longer works and can no longer belt out all that great workout music that you love to hear when killing whatever WOD’s been dished out that day.   What this really means is, …we can no longer bust out with our Gangam Style dances while listening to Sam’s playlists.  (Ok, ok, so that’s MY play list, whater! lol).  If anyone has a stereo receiver that they would be willing to donate, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected]  We would be VERY MUCH appreciative, as would, I’m sure, everyone else in the entire gym!  🙂  In the mean-time, you’ll just have to endure hearing us coaches belt out whatever songs we know off the top of our head while you workout.


Weighted Pull-Up  3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Practice HandStand-Walks between sets

Then, For Time;

Thruster———–x 10–8–6–4—2  (M=135, W=93)

Double-Under—-x 50-40-30-20-10

Note*: No racks allowed.

REMINDER: Holiday Class Schedule