It’s Over!

CrossFit West finished the Open in 6th place in the NorCal region!

The CrossFit 2012 Open is now officially over!  We would like to applaud each and everyone of you who challenged yourself  with these Open WODs over the last 5 weeks.  The Open is exhausting, hard, and can feel like it dominates the box, but it also brings us together, challenges us, and motivates us.  We had so many CFWest athletes who took the challenge and participated in some way, whether you completed all or some, got many reps or few, and you all deserve a big “job well done”!

When I look back over the Open, I can think of a story to tell for every athlete, but that would make this post way too long.  So hear’s a quick acknowledgment of just a little bit of all that you have done:

-repeated workouts just to push yourself a bit more

-completed the wods Rx’d even when it was a struggle

-PR’d on the snatch

-finally did Karen

-did more chest to bar pull ups than you ever have before

-juggled busy schedules to be sure to get the workout in

-finally got full hip extension on every single box jump

-got more reps on a wod (or many wods) than the rest of us could ever hope for

and so much more!

To all of you, I hope you are proud of your work, because everyone else is.  Your dedication and determination inspire us all!

So now we all have a chance to look back, examine our work, acknowledge our weaknesses, set some new goals, and then look forward in our task of being better and better each and every day.

While most of us can now relax and just look forward to attending the CrossFit Regional, May 18-20, our top athletes will be continuing their team training.  Be sure to mark these dates on your calendar, because you don’t want to miss part 2 of this great adventure.



Find your 1RM rack jerk


4 rounds for reps:
1 min Wall ball, 20 pound
1 min KB Swing (53/35)
Run 400m

Start each round exactly six minutes apart. Your rest period is whatever time remains after the run.