John has been part of CrossFit West since it’s Gold’s gym days. As an avid CrossFitter and loyal customer he came regularly for many months developing his skills, getting stonger and more fit. But once he decided to take on the Paleo Challenge his gains sky rocketed. Not only did he get faster in his metcons, he got much stronger and leaner and the rate at which he got better at these thing was faster than ever. One client recently asked me, “Who is that gentleman who wears the blue glasses (John)… he looks ten years younger! It’s amazing!” John is a great example of how diet can take your performance to the next level.

I am looking at what must be Salmon can #200 eaten by me in the last three months. In the beginning I thought by the end of the challenge I am going to be sick of fish sick of the diet and ready to binge on some carbs. Funny thing is I don’t feel that way at all.

I feel good , I feel strong and most important I am comfortable with what and how I am eating. Truth be told I am just not that interested or focused on food. I definitely did not feel this way in the beginning of June. Definitely not.

At the start of the diet I craved carbs and they were definitely my weakness, cereal was the worst craving and I would often get these cravings in the late evening. When I started the diet I was crossfitting three times a week having started last October, so I had already lost some weight and was feeling good. At the beginning of the challenge I thought that my diet was pretty good and yes I had some starch and the occasional muffin or cookie but all in all it was a healthy diet. Wrong again. One of the main benefits of the Paleo challenge was the awareness it brought to what I really ate.

In the first two weeks I found that I craved carbs, and I noticed all the times that I would have (in the past eaten something sweet or starchy). I filled those cravings with fruit or nuts and found that over time they became less and less pronounced. I also found that my energy was more even and I felt better in general.

At the box the change in performance was gradual, and in the first tree or four weeks it was hard for me to see. After a couple of months I could see the change and I just felt not only stronger but able to push myself harder. Being a quasi vegetarian has made eating enough protein a bit of a challenge, Salmon, tuna and eggs have gotten me through, I do occasionally eat tofu but other than that and the odd glass of wine on festive occasions my fidelity to the diet remains strong. The longer I ate Paleo the less I craved other foods until now it just seems a simple way of dealing with food and eating. All the things I thought I would crave just don’t seem that interesting right now.

The camaraderie and support of the others doing the challenge and every one at crossfit turned a challenge into a fun experience. Jocelyn, Kyle, and Sam were all helpful and supportive throughout, reinforcing the benefits of the diet and the connection to the gains made during Wod’s. Cliff added his own brand of inspiration, along the lines of, “money, cash dough, keep your priorities strait” (sorry if I paraphrased there Cliff). So while the paleo challenge is over, my diet is staying the same. I thought I would have a big off diet meal at the end, guess I was wrong again.


Max Box Jumps in 2 Min (20″)
5 Rounds
5 Jerks (185/130)
10 C2B Pull Ups

Complete max rep box jump and then immediately continue on to the 5 rounds wod. There will be a score for max BJ as well as over all time.