July 10th REST DAY

Thursday, July 10th             Happy Birthday to me and Carrenne!

Rest Day and QOD

“I don’t play small.  You have to go out and play with what you have.  I admit I used to want to be tall.  But I made it in high school, college, and now the pros. So it doesn’t matter.”          -Spud Webb

“For anyone who’s ever felt she wasn’t built for a certain sport or activity, or was given the same message by others, NBA asset Spud Webb is your guy.  At five feet seven inches Webb is one of the shortest players in the NBA.  However, in a sport dominated by athletes who are, in many cases, pushing seven feet tall, Webb has held his own.  He is a tough, aggressive player who has learned to use his diminutive stature to his advantage.  He is an inspiration for anyone wh has wanted to play basketball or any other sport that seems to demand certain height or weight requirements from its participants.

“Throughout history, athletes who didn’t appear to fit the bill have made it in size-specific sports: football players who were slighter than normal, jockeys taller than usual, long-distance runners built more sturdily than the typical rail-thin track stars.  And yet we all find ourselves occasionally paralyzed by these prejudices.  But the fact is, virtually anyone can do anything with the right attitude and training.

“While, with a muscular, sturdy build, we may not become a world-class long-distance runner, there’s certainly no reason for us to pass on the challenge and pleasure long-distance running might bring us.”