July 14th REST DAY

Monday, July 14th


“I learned that the only way you are going to get anywhere in life is to work hard at it.  Whether you’re a musician, a writer, an athlete or a businessman, there is no getting around it.  If you do, you’ll win- if you don’t you won’t.”

“It’s a very simple formula really: hard work = success.  No matter what we do, whether we are professional athletes, recreational players, or work out a few times a week, hard work can get us where we want to go.

Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner also makes another interesting point: many of us view athletics as recreation and play.  It’s somethinng we do when we are not engaging in our “real” life activities.  But the dedication and devotion we apply to our racquetball game or our weight training can cross over into other areas of our lives.  It can be very subtle, but that planning and goal setting can work off the court and out of the gym as well.  If we find that focus and concentration and hard work pay off when applied to our workouts, we may also discover that these qualities are soon being applied to figuring out that new computer system at the office.  Hard work is as close to a guarantee as we can get to achieving success.  We can’t work hard all the time, but when we do we will see the rewards.”