July 5th Rest Day

Saturday, July 5th


“Other people may not have had high expectations for me…but I had high expectations for myself.”                 -Shannon Miller

“We can look to other people to set an example that we would like to follow.  We can look to people we admire and respect for encouragement and support in what we can hope to accomplish.  We can seek others’ advice for goals that may be suited to our experience.  But for the true measure of what we need to, and can, accomplish we need to look at ourselves.

“Ultimately, we must keep our own standards in mind because those are the standards and expectations we need to live up to.  We cannot fulfill a dream for someone else and we are the only ones who can make our own dreams come true.  We are the only ones who know what we can do.  There will always be someone who doesn’t think much of our chances or our abilities.  But because we are out there working hard and practicing to be better we are the only ones who are completely aware of our strengths and limitations.  If we don’t think highly of what we can accomplish, who will?  All of what we have done and will do rests squarely on our own shoulders.  It is usually the person who expects a lot from herself who is able to achieve the most.  We need to be courageous enough to ask the most we can from ourselves.”

41 days left til pre-season!