June 19th REST DAY

Thursday, June 19th

REST DAY and Quote of the Week from Tug McGraw:

“You gotta believe!”

Today, anything is possible.  We believe we will start new fitness and diet routines to kick off the year.  We believe we will improve our current exercise programs: pushing a little harder, running a little farther, going a little longer.  On this first day of the year we believe we will be happy, healthy, fit, and strong as the days and weeks unfold.  We will set realistic goals, practice well, and play hard as we resolve to maintain a workout program in the coming months.”

“Tug says, ‘You gotta believe!’ But, perhaps more importantly, we want to believe.  It feels so good to have the self-confidence and desire to want to enhance our health and fitness, our strength and stamina.  Nothing makes us feel more accomplished than an extra mile or another set, a winning shot or a personal best.”

“Today I will believe.”

58 Days left til season starts! Lets train hard over the summer and come in ready to go!