Kayla’s Costco Favorites part 1

Lauryn G; getting strong(er)

Lauryn G; getting strong(er)

Costco Run!

Part I (of 3): Protein

Has anyone been to Costco lately?! First of all, Santa Cruz has the best Costco I’ve ever stepped foot into. Seriously. Sometimes I forget to fill my ginormous cart with other groceries besides protein packed items. If you have been contemplating getting a membership, do yourself a favor and just get one already. Here are my favorite the items that I stock up on!

Cage free duck eggs (1 dozen)

Cage free eggs (2 dozen)

Hard-boiled eggs

Organic ground beef

Organic ground turkey

Organic chicken breasts/thighs/wings/drumsticks

True Story: Organic ham/turkey/beef hot dogs/sausages

Aidell’s: sausages/meatballs

Wild alaskan smoked salmon