Keep It Simple

Sometimes when I am coaching my 9 year old pitchers I say to them, “Finish with a good figure 4 at a 45 degree angle. If anything else goes wrong in your pitch, I don’t really care.  We are only concerned with the finish.”  That’s because focusing on too many things can mess you up big time.

It doesn’t matter if you are a 9 year old softball pitcher or a 38 year old CrossFitter, simplifying your focus can yield tremendous  results in your performance.  For example, let’s say we are working on the power clean.  You tend to keep a tight grip on the bar when you are receiving it- it slows your elbows down and causes you to hyper extend you lower back (or what I call “limbo under the bar”) and receive the bar on your chest rather than shoulders.   I tell you to focus on receiving  the bar in your throat/on your shoulders while quickly rotating your elbows around and loosening your grip.   THATS IT.   One movement, three little details.  THROAT, ELBOWS, GRIP.  Repeat it again.  THROAT, ELBOWS, GRIP.  Again… THROAT, ELBOWS, GRIP.  Period. These things become my ONLY priority.  Anything else that goes wrong in this moment I DON’T CARE.

Sure, you may not have gotten your knees out of the way or your hips back when you received.  Or maybe you pulled too fast off the floor or dropped your chest.  But do you really think it’s realistic to think of 15 things at once?

As coaches, we prioritize the things you need to work on in a movement by importance.  It is your job to simplify your practice by thinking of ONLY those things we have cued you on.  Perfect one or two things at a time, and then we’ll move on.  But if you try to fix everything at once it will be a tough road.

So yes, your feet went too wide on that clean (I don’t care!), but did you get your elbows around fast and receive the bar in your throat while loosening your grip?  (THROAT, ELBOWS, GRIP) Then great job!  Let’s do it a bunch more times, then we can move on to the feet and hips.



Heavy Single

Amrap 4 min

Prowler Push trade off  (30  yards) in groups of 5-7

1 min rest

Amrap 4 min

1 Rope Climb

7 Toes to Bar

1 min rest

Amrap 4 min

Prowler push trade off (30 yards)