Still fresh in my mind is the Team G Fundraising event yesterday.  I know that the Cosners were blessed and blown away by the tremendous show of support.  The Stanford blood donation team just couldn’t stop talking about the overwhelming turn out and the marked patience of all waiting to donate.  Even with after the wrap-up yesterday, we could list so many more wonderful things from the afternoon.

There were people who came and where able to meet Gabriella for the first time. There were people who came to who had never before met the Cosners.  There were people who came from outside of Santa Cruz, knowing that the drive was well worth the opportunity to be there in person.


I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.

-Tennessee Williams

Over and over again you heard people introducing themselves to each other, looking outside of themselves in order to connect with others, strangers, who were all there to demonstrate kindness and support for Gabriella and the many other children who will face a similar battle.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.


So many gave of themselves in both big and small ways, and it was incredible to see everyone come together.  The acts of kindness shown yesterday are important, but so are the acts of kindness everyday-the kind words in the gym, the smile for someone who needs it, and all of the many, many other kindnesses are so important to each of us.  We need all of these, for Team G and for all of the others around us who might be walking through tough times, even when we don’t know it, small tough times or big tough times.

Kindness begets kindness evermore.


What a great turn out! It was incredible to see all the support for the Cosners!



Bench-Press 5×5

Squat-Snatch (135/95)


Tabata Hollow-Rocks.


SCHEDULE UPDATE: 4th of July Hours: 9AM & 10AM Classes ONLY – be here!

Remember that many surrounding roads will be closed on the morning of the 4th due to the Firecracker 10k.  Plan to come a bit early and park a couple blocks away.