Kyle is a CrossFit success story. Actually, anyone who does CrossFit is a success story. Due to the effectiveness of CrossFit, just about everyone who puts a decent amount of effort into it on a regular basis exhibits great results. But Kyle did a lot more than just putting out a decent amount of effort on a regular basis. He embraced CrossFit completely.

Kyle came to CrossFit West Santa Cruz last March, 240 pounds. He smoked occasionally, he did no physical exercise, and he couldn’t do a single pullup. For the first month of training, he collapsed in a quivering mound after each workout. Well, ok…most of us collapse in quivering mounds after the WOD. He started to train regularly. His hands tore repeatedly, his muscles hurt, his veins pumped battery acid, but he was there, training, like clockwork. First I started him on the Paleo diet. His weight plummeted and his body fat dropped. So did his times. A month ago Kyle started the Zone and, right on schedule, his performance has shifted into overdrive.

Kyle is now a mean 205, his body fat has dropped a good 10 points, all his lifts have gone up in weight, and yesterday he turned in a ripping performance on Grace. 3:10! A 30 second improvement over his last effort just 2 weeks ago (Zone anyone?). Not too mention the muscle up he got the other day. And he never gets sand kicked in his face at the beach anymore. Okay, I made that one up.

Well, that is all good as they say, but what does it really mean? Does it really matter in the overall scheme of Kyle’s life that his Grace time is now 3:10? No, of course not. But this is what does matter. Through CrossFit and his own hard work, Kyle has changed his health completely. His bone density, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, testosterone level, body fat percentage, blood cell levels, joint and connective tissue strength, lung capacity, and other attributes of health have improved tremendously.

In short, Kyle has changed his body composition hugely. And who out there wouldn’t want to change their body composition? Congratulations Kyle. Thanks for being a part of CrossFit West Santa Cruz.


1/2 GI Jane

50 Burpee Pullups

Use a bar you have to jump to.  Try to sprint through without any rest.

After you are finished and hurting, wondering why you put yourself through such suck, check out the video of Amundson doing a full GI Jane.

Congratulations to Beto on getting his first bar muscle up. Next time, the rings.