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Kyle Post Anerobic Training

Kyle Post Anaerobic Training

By Kyle


The Cardio Myth

I know you are out there.  You have been doing CrossFit for a number of months now, you have seen results, you feel the change, yet you are still clinging on to your old ways.  Half the week you are in the box hitting it hard, the other half you are out on the streets, running for miles, trying to loose those extra ten pounds.

The 3-20 minute workouts in class surely can’t be enough!  You need to do more, some good old fashioned cardio…WRONG.

This “High Intensity” anaerobic training is much more effective for weight loss than old fashioned LSD (long slow distance).  The mechanism behind it is one exercise geeks call EPOC “excess post exercise oxygen consumption”, essentially the anaerobic training stimulates your metabolism so much that you are burning calories for many hours after your workout (upwards of 48 hours according to some studies).  Oxidative training (aerobics) does not create nearly as impressive an oxygen debt, and therefore does not burn calories as effectively, not to mention that oxidative training ages you faster (more about that in a later post), and is boring.  Besides, who would you rather look like?



Rope Climb Races!

3 chances to find your fastest ascent.

Advanced go legless.

Intermediate use foot hold technique.

Technique instruction for beginers.



AMRAP 15 Min

5 Clapping Pull Ups

7 Chest Slap Push Ups

9 KB Swings (2 Pood/1.5 Pood))