Labor Day Class Times and Rowing Clinic

Alvin rocking it. That is one bad ass photo.

The class schedule for this Monday, Labor Day, is 9 and 10am only. Enjoy the holiday.


Hey, ya know those strange looking rowing-like contraptions at the gym? Want to get better at them? This Sunday at Open Gym, from 11am to 12 noon, CFWSC will hold a rowing clinic. If you have ever wanted to learn better, safer, more powerful, and more efficient rowing technique, this is your chance. Interested in damper settings and how to use the monitor to your advantage? Want to be less fatigued and go faster? Or just want to keep your butt down on the seat? Then get on down to Open Gym at 11. See you there.


The 35+ Diamond of the Tough Qualifier 1 ends on Friday, August 31st (that’s pretty much right now, folks). If you have not gotten your score submitted or want to redo the workout, now is the time.


OverHead-Squat 1-1-1-1-1

Rope-Climb 5 x 1-2 Ascents


AMRAP in 6 MInutes

1 Burpee/2 Wall-Ball

3 Burpees/4 Wall-Balls

5 Burpees/6 Wall-Balls

7 Burpees/8 Wall-Balls