Athlete of the month – Lana Del Deadlift

Favorite rapper:
Code name:
Lana Del Deadlifts AKA Lifting Lana
Don’t ask a lady.
When did you start doing CrossFit:
June 2014
Favorite movements:
Squaaaats! Back squats to be specific!
Least Favorite movements:
Snatches! At least just for the time being.
Favorite CrossFit West/Ready Shirt:
The new Popeye shirts that are about to drop! Can’t wait!
Positive moment you will Never ever forget!:
It was a thursday morning, and there was no lift! We spent some time on tap swings, and pull-ups, next thing you know, I finally was able to do one, two, three, kipping pull-ups!
 To re-learn those damn kipping pull-ups and to run 3x a week!
What are your hobbies or interests outside of CrossFit:
Be the best nurse, and save lives. Going through the wilderness with my dog!