Let me update Ya on that POWERLIFTING FEDERATION!

NO NO.. not that federation! Keep reading!

imgresMonday is upon us. Fresh start. Brand new week of training. Well rested from the weekend that was too hot! We have some updates for you all in regards to both gyms!



1. Knock Knock.. Who is it?!.. The New CrossFit West/Ready Power lifting Federation!

What:  An 8 week Powerlifting class focusing on developing superhuman strength in the deadlift, bench, and squat.
Who teaching:Two Passionate and well coached Trainers.  Coach Leah Lutz (holding some CA records in masters and in the open division) and Coach Britt!
When: Tuesday/Thursday
Time: 5:30-6:30/6:45
Start date: Sept 15th
End date: Nov 12
Need: People that want to have superhuman strength in the big 3!
– For Existing members: $75 in addition to their current membership for 8 weeks.
– For non-members: $130 for8 weeks.  Includes Open Gym access.
Class cap: 12 athletes.
Email: [email protected] to register your spot!
2. Class Schedule at Ready changes next MONDAY!
The people have spoken! Class times at CrossFit Ready will change to the following:
Every day starting Sept 7th! (That’s next week you guys!)
– Out of 40 votes. We  had over 70% that wanted the change!
– This will be that last week of the original schedule of 4/5/6pm. NEXT week, we will be on the half hour!