Let the Challenge Begin

Even Golden has decided to give up his Daily Mayo and invest in a Paleo Lifestyle.

Today’s Paleo Challenge 2.0 meeting went off with a bang.  25 people showed up ready to get their nutrition dialed in.  This group is going to be great! Here’s the breakdown from the meeting:

There are three categories.

A. Strict Paleo- eat meat, veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit.  Most of the population needs to adhere to option A including those looking to lose fat, increase performance and health.

B.  Paleo + Dairy- This option if for a SMALL percentage of people who just can’t seem to gain mass.  Emphasis on mass and strength.  Those choosing option B need to keep in mind that the trade off might be gaining some fat while they are gaining size.  Dairy should be consumed post workout only.

C.  Quasi Vegetarian Paleo- Those who are vegetarians will have a tougher time doing paleo but if you just can not or will not eat meat we don’t want to steer you away from bettering your life.  You can still improve health by eliminating those nasty grains and getting your protein from eggs, fish (if you eat fish), and whey protein.

Look, Feel, Perform Better!  That’s the motto.  Our measure will consist of the following:

A.  Four Performance tests

1. Back Squat 1RM

2. Max Pull Ups

3. 500m Row

4. “Christine”

*If the wod and pull ups are scaled the re-test must be done using the same exact method or weight.

B.  Before/After photos- Front, Side, Back

C. $10 Buy in

D.  Written Testimonial at completion of competion.


Winner of the Paleo Challenge will receive:

1. 3 Months of free training

2. Elements package to give away

3. CF West Hoodie

4. Cash kitty- the buy in $$$$!

5. CF West Fame, Fortune, and Respect.

*The winner will be voted on by his/her Paleo Challenge peers.  Voting this year will take place as a strict and confidential vote. Challenge ends May 23rd!


Please be sure to get your performance tests, pictures, and buy in done NO LATER than Sunday the 24th.  If you fail to do this then you will forfeit your buy in $ and your chance to win.


*Paleo contestants should be willing to share recipes and dine out meal ideas on face book and our site.  We will be setting up a separate page for this kind of information that can be accesses to keep your eyes open for that soon.

*Although it is not part of the challenge we recommend (if you have the means or desire) getting a blood panel done before the challenge and then again towards the end.  Ask for C-reactive protein, white blood cell count, triglyceride count, LDL/HDL count, LDL particle size.  You will be blown away at the results.


For those who seriously want to join but could not make today’s meeting, Kyle will hold a couple of make up meetings this Wednesday the 20th at 5PM and 6PM.  Please RSVP to comments so he can get an idea of who to expect.

Good luck to everyone!  I already can’t wait to see everyone in 4 months!



Beginners- hand stand progressions, holds, box and band work.

Advanced- 4 sets of max hspu

5 Rounds

5 P. Cleans (185/128)

7 Tire Flips

9 Pull Ups

Finish with: 8x 40yrd sprints (1 min rest)