Little Bear

Nikki at UC Berkeley's Sather Gate

In 2009 when I won  the Nor Cal CrossFit Regional I told the camera’s that “this” (CrossFit) was what softball players should be doing for their strength and conditioning.  Although I was lucky enough to have had an awesome strength and conditioning program closely mirroring CrossFit at my university, UC Berkeley, I hadn’t experienced it for years, even as a pro, until finding CrossFit years later.

Now, as a private pitching coach and CrossFit box owner who experienced success with intense strength and conditioning training, I have the opportunity to incorporate CrossFit in to my kid’s training regimens knowing full well that CrossFit in itself can be the ticket to taking kids to the next level.  And it has proven once again to be the cherry on top of regular ol’ training.

Last year Josie Felix, after committing to CrossFit training in combination with private pitching, earned a scholarship to UNC Greensboro.    Now, in 2010, Scott’s Valley’s Nikki Owens, after taking on the CrossFit West Santa Cruz work load as well as working extremely hard in her private pitching workouts she has recently committed to my Alma mater, UC Berkeley!

CrossFit has time and time again proven to be an amazing way to increase performance for GPP (General Physical Preparedness) but what’s amazing is how much it can increase performance for organized sports athletes too.   Want to be better at just about anything?  Try CrossFit!

Congrats Nikki! Go Bears!




For time

6 Prowler Pushes 30 yds (alternate b/w high handle and low handle)

20 Bar Muscle Ups

6 Prowler Pushes 30 yds