Local Muscular Endurance Testing

YMCA Bench Press Norms. How do you stack up?

Local muscular endurance refers to the ability of certain muscles or muscle groups to perform repeated contractions against a submaximal resistance.  One way to test this is the YMCA bench press test.  In this test, the individual performs as many reps as he/she can in 1 minute.  The real kicker here is the weight used: 80# for guys, 35# for girls (that sure seems a little light ladies!).  I don’t know about you, but both these weights seem extremely light to me.  However, we do have to remember that this test is for the general population.  And we all know the general population is not putting in the kind of effort at the gym day in and day out like we do here at CrossFit West.  The only person in the gym who might have trouble with this is Golden, as 80# is pretty close to his 1RM.  Where do you think you would stack up?  I have a feeling most of us (if not all of us) here at the gym would be in the 90th percentile and above!

*Yeah, I know the chart is hard to read, bear with me!


Heavy Prowler Pushes/Sled Drags

superset with GHD Situps


3 Rounds For Time Of:
10 Power-Snatches
50 Double-Unders
M=135, W=95