Make It Harder






Most of the time in life, we are trying to make things easier.  Easier is a real selling point for just about everything.  Except CrossFit.

We go about things just the opposite, actually.  So go ahead, make things harder.  Add more weight to that bar.  Wear a vest.  Do clapping or decline pushups instead of regular ones.  Chest-to-bar pullups, of course. Jump to a 24″ box.  You ever tried to deadlift with your eyes closed?  It’s harder.  And that’s the name of the game.

A favorite story of mine is about the founder of the martial art aikido.  Most pictures of him are as an old man in his eighties with a wispy white beard, but when he was younger he was built like a powerlifter and was known for his physical strength.  For a time he lived as a farmer on the northern most island of Japan. All the tools he used to farm–shovel, hoe, pick, etc–he had specially forged so that they were thicker and heavier than regular ones.  By making things harder, he was always getting stronger and working out, even as he farmed.

What are ways that you make your workout harder?

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10, 8, 6, 4, 2

Deadlift 275/185#

Thruster 135/85#


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